Welcome to the Wellness Center!


My name is Ping Lisbin.

I am a Pennsylvania state licensed acupuncturist with 27 years of professional experience working with a diverse group of patients. My interest in Chinese medicine began in my homeland of China where I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and graduated with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture from mainland China.

Appointments at the Wellness Center… what to expect… 

Acupuncture sessions range from one hour to two hours in length.
It is best not to eat one hour before a session and to wear loose comfortable clothing.
Sessions take place in a quiet, comfortable setting.
Your introductory session will include a personal history and discussion consultation along with an examination, therapy and treatment. Your first session may include accessing your body’s energy system through one or more healing modalities and techniques.

The end result depends on you and your body.
Many of my clients have felt an immediate and deep sense of awareness, openness and connectedness, as well as a relaxed and balanced feeling of energy circulating in harmony with their body.