Infertility and Pregnancy

Do you have trouble getting Pregnant?

In females there are numerous reasons infertility may arise, including anovulation (no egg released during the fertile period of the monthly cycle), hormone imbalance (from many causes, including environmental chemicals interacting with human hormone receptors), chronic and/or low grade infection, stress (overproduction of adrenal stress hormones), inflammation and/or scaring of internal organs, environmental toxins and loss of physiologic regulation of the neuro-endocrine-immune system. Interestingly, no “scientific medical abnormality” can be found in a large percentage of “infertile couples.”
Toxicity: this is in my experience definitely the most common cause of infertility in both sexes. A good detoxification program using standard process purification program (standardprocess, com) Chlorella, Phospholipids with EDTA, sauna therapy, lymphatic drainage. Removal of amalgam fillings and root filled teeth may be required to conceive, especially for the mother. It is much easier and safer to detoxify a mother before she becomes pregnant.

Acupuncture for Infertility

Regulating the menstrual cycle. Increasing uterine blood flow. Thickening the embryo-nourishing uterine lining. Aiding in follicular maturation. Supporting embryo implantation. Enhancing production of endorphins to balance hormones controlling reproductive cycle. Increasing the chance of pregnancy for women undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF).
Certain acupuncture points are used to alleviate specific infertility syndromes. For weakness of the kidney and liver, the points Tai Xi (Kidney 3), Guan Yuan (Ren4), San Yin Jiao (Spleen 6) will be stimulated in certain combinations to restore function. For qi and blood stagnation, Tai Chong (Liver 3), Da Ji (Spleen 8), Xue Hai (Spleen 10), San Yin Jiao (Spleen 6) will be treated to resume flow of both qi and blood to normal levels. For inflammation, stimulation of San Yin Jiao (Spleen 6) and Feng Long (Stomach 40) helps calm and soothe in order to dissipate any blockages.
Stimulating local points such as Infant’s Palace (Zi Gong) that is located in the lower portion of the abdomen also combats infertility. The exact acupuncture prescription will be based upon your specific symptoms, focusing on relieving any imbalances in your body.
Studies indicate that acupuncture in combination with assisted reproduction therapies (ART), in vitro fertilization (IVF), or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) reduces infertility significantly.

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Infertility

Chinese medicine is very successful in increasing a woman’s chance to conceive. Chinese herbs for fertility address the underlying issues that lead to infertility. Deficiency caused by weakness of the kidney and liver are addressed with tonics that restore qi, blood, and yin and yang. Especially for women trying to conceive in her 30’s and 40’s, and is not something that is recognized in Western medicine. Kidney Deficiency . In Chinese medicine, the ‘Kidney Energy; is responsible for successful reproduction. Sufficient Kidney Energy is also necessary in the prevention of miscarriages. It is restored using Kidney Tonic Formulas such as Zuo gui wan for kidney Yin and you gui wan for kidney yang.
Second common cause is liver Qi stagnation. The Liver Energy is responsible for menstrual blood, and is the main underlying cause of stagnation in the uterus. Liver Qi Stagnation could be a factor in fallopian tube blocks, endometriosis, or fibroids.  It is important that the Liver Energy is soothed with Chinese herbs formula free Easy wander pill ( Xie ya wan ). Also liver detoxification such as milk thistle, dandeline and Yellow Dock can removed blockage free flow liver energy.
The third common cause infertily is Qi and blood stagnation at uterus. This can also be complicated by dampness. This condition is often seen with fibroids and endometriosis. Herbs that move Blood and Qi in the uterus, such as  are chuan xiong root. Bai shao and chi shao , shi wu wan combined with medicinal herbs that clear dampness, such as Poria cocos – fu ling fungus, Salvia miltiorrhiza – dan shen – red sage root, Paeonia suffruticosa – mu dan pi – tree peony root bark, Spatholobus suberectus – ji xue teng Studies focused on the treatment of various male infertility problems by usel herbal medicines (Guizhi-fuling-wan, and Siberian ginseng) have shown improved sperm viability and motility following treatment.