probiotic and depression



One area of medicine is particularly prone to look at its organ separately from rest of the body. That area is psychiatry. Mental problems are examined  all area. The last thing that would be considered is looking at the patient’s digestive system.  The gut’s brain, known as the enteric nervous system, is located in sheaths of tissue lining the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon. Considered a single entity, it is a network of neurons, neurotransmitters and proteins that zap messages between neurons, support cells like those found in the brain proper and a complex circuitry that enables it to act independently, learn, remember and, as the saying goes, produce gut feelings. (1).

One of the reasons that dietary changes work is because it helps alter your gut flora in very beneficial ways. The beneficial bacteria in your gut have a profound influence on your health, particular in your mental health. Your gut actually produces more serotonin than your brain does!


Your gut is frequently referred to as ‘the second brain,’ and when you consider the fact that the gut-brain connection is recognized as a basic tenet of physiology and medicine, and that there’s no shortage of evidence of gastrointestinal involvement in a variety of neurological diseases, it’s easy to see how the balance of gut bacteria can play a significant role in your psychology and behavior as well. With this in mind, it should also be crystal clear that nourishing your gut flora is extremely important, from cradle to grave, because in a very real sense you have two brains, one inside your skull and one in your gut, and each needs its own vital nourishment.

Increasingly scientific evidence shows that nourishing your gut flora with the beneficial bacteria found in traditionally fermented food or probiotic supplements is extremely important for proper brain function, and that includes psychological well-being and mood central. Recent research show, the probiotic Lactobacillus GG had remarked effect on GABA levels in centain brain regions and lowered the stress hormone result reduce anxiety-and depression-related behavior and GABA is the main calming, inhibitory in the brain. Lactobacillus GG effect on behavior were very similar to given mice acute injection of valium. (2).



(1) Sandra Blakeslee:  Complex and hidden brain in Gut make stomachaches and butterflies.

Science New York time Jan 23.1996