telephone consultation

If you have had a problem that has resisted healing Try a phone consultation with Ping Lisbin and see what I can do for you.
How it works
Email Ping, and describe your problem the best that you can including: age, symptoms, medications you are taking, supplements you are taking, and your diet.
When I receive your email, I will contact you to arrange a time for your consultation. When a time has been arranged, pay for your consultation in advance (below). Be at your phone in time for your appointment .
Please fill out a Patient Questionnaire. I must have your health history prior to answering any questions. All consultations must be paid in advance.
What You Can Expect
During our phone consultation, I will take time to understand your concerns, then make recommendations to help you. You can expect a discussion about your diet as it affects your health and about supplements and herbal formulas that will help you.
One Hour Consultation is $80. Additional minutes billed in 15 minute increments at $20/15min. Two email follow-ups included.

One hour telephone consultation $80